The Children’s Titanic Paper Dolls

Created by Breezy and Emily Rose Brookshire

“The Children’s Titanic Paper Dolls” gives children a hands-on experience of that heroic night in which men sacrificially gave their lives for the safety of women and children. Complete with a faithful retelling of God’s Providential work in history, this book will embolden boys and girls in biblical manhood and womanhood, appreciation for history, and sacrificial love.

Within its pages, a cast of beloved passengers come to life aboard the backdrop of two fold-out scenes on the decks of the Titanic. This collection also comes with mini-biographies of each person featured, clothing changes, and accessories.

This Collection Features: Captain E.J. Smith, Rev. John and Nan Harper, Miss Marion Wright, Mr. & Mrs. Strauss, Miss Violet Jessop, Mr. & Mrs. Astor, Col. Archibald Gracie, the Deans, and the Collyers.

Printed in the United States.

Included in The Children's Titanic Paper Dolls

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