The Western Conservatory of the Arts and Sciences produces counter-cultural media that refutes the lies that Marxism and Feminism has spread throughout society. Their site is full of articles and resources for the biblical family and Christian culture.

Vision Forum, Inc. is a company that seeks to rebuild Christian family culture. They offer books, DVDs, toys, etc., as well as hold national conferences through Vision Forum Ministries.

Visionary Daughters is the website of Anna Sofia and Elizabeth Botkin, daughters of Geoffrey and Victoria Botkin, who, through their site and example encourage young ladies in dominion-oriented femininity. Their blog features a wide variety of topics that are relevant to young women who are seeking to honor and glorify the Lord.

Sense & Sensibility is a site where you can purchase accurate, historical clothing patterns that are both lovely and feminine, created by Jennie Chancey. Mrs. Chancey also runs Ladies Against Feminism.

The Girlhood Home Companion, published by Remembrance Press, is a magazine for daughters, mothers, and grandmothers which encourages them in their relationships with the Lord and each other. Each issue (starting Summer ’09) features two paper dolls along with two dresses created by Breezy and Emily Rose Brookshire. provides trustworthy, cost-effective downloadable audio and video for the Christian family. Not only do they make these downloads easily available, they also offer a free download everyday.

Homeschool Share provides free lesson plans and lap-book material for the homeschooling family. There is a plethora of ideas for children from preschool to elementary ages.