How to Laminate Your Paper Dolls Tutorial

October 14, 2009

One great way to prevent any tears or other damage to your paper dolls is to laminate them and their dresses, which both protects and strengthens them for long-term enjoyment.

In this tutorial, we will show you how you can laminate your paper dolls, using our Daughters of His Story Paper Dolls: Collection Two, featuring Abigail Adams and Sarah Edwards.

What you will need:

• Paper Dolls
• Scissors
• Roll of Laminate


1. Collect your supplies and have a clean, flat area to work on.

2. Roughly cut out the paper dolls and their dresses. Cut out enough sections of laminate for the front and back of each doll and dress.

3. As you place the laminate onto the paper, make sure you have enough to cover the whole doll or dress. Gently lower the laminate by starting in the middle, then slowly let down the rest of the laminate and . . .

4. Smooth it out. Repeat for the front and back of each doll and dress.

5. Then you can cut out the details, leaving off the tabs.

Optional: You may also like to keep the doll’s name with her, so remember to attach it to the base before laminating.

And there you have it: A set of protected and tear-resistant Paper Dolls! In the next tutorial, we show you how to add magnets for even more fun!